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Rescue Me
By Marcia James

Tails of Love
A Berkley Publishing trade paperback
Multi-author anthology, Lori Foster, et al
ISBN-10: 0425227685
ISBN-13: 978-0425227688
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An excerpt from Rescue Me
By Marcia James

    Inside the carton, the pathetic stray shivered. Thanks to the dog’s hairless state, Adam could see its ribs. What if the little thing was too sick to save?

     “We’ll fix you up,” he reassured it. Adam opened the shelter’s door and stepped inside.

     “C’mon back,” a woman called from a nearby examining room.

     Adam peered through the room’s open door. A woman wearing kitten-themed doctor scrubs was reading a chart. Her chin-length, light brown hair concealed her face.

     Then she straightened, offering her hand. “Welcome to Rescue Me.”

     Recognition struck Adam with the force of the defensive tackle who’d ended his football career. He resisted rubbing his chest where his heart had taken a direct hit. Claire. It was Claire. Her beautiful brown eyes met his, and it seemed like seconds instead of years had passed since he’d made the biggest mistake of his life.



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